Let’s face it, summers coming fast and the CQ heat is well… hot. If you don’t have air conditioners installed, you need to be looking for air conditioner installation Rockhampton.

Air Conditioners are vital during a Rockhampton summer, where temperatures regularly approach 40c, that’s face melting hot, especially if you don’t have a swimming pool.

Air Conditioner Energy Usage

Many people complain about their high energy bills as a result of running an air conditioner all through summer, however with new technology built in, running costs are lower than ever. Some new air conditioners even come with built in solar panels to decease energy usage further. Here’s a video that has a few tips to help you save energy and stay cool during the intense summer heat.

Benefits of Installing a new Air Conditioner

Apart from the most important thing – keeping you and your family cooler than the outside temperate, there are a number of other benefits of having a newer air con installed in your home. The new air conditioning technology can provide colder temperatures for less energy than your older air con units, directly resulting in saved money for you. Stay tuned as I’ll be reviewing popular air conditioning systems in a future post!


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