Panasonic has just given a mighty nudge towards the cleaner and more efficient R32 refrigerant in Australia by releasing their new range of R32 capable light commercial air conditioning units. The new R32 capable units include some very interesting features that are sure to raise a few eyebrows on the faces of business owners and even Electricians.

The Outdoor unit

The R32’s outdoor unit is designed for simplistic deployment with a much smaller form factor and footprint than previous models, so it’ll fit in those tight little spots that used to be out of the question and make installation that little bit easier.

It comes equipped with Panasonic’s very own Inverter Technology allowing constant temperature inside, regardless of the high temperature outside which is ideal for the SEQ summer heat.

It’s blowing it’s in-house competition out of the water with a Global Warming Potential of just 675 and only 32% of the emissions compared to other Panasonic light commercial units. The new Panasonic air con on the block screams of an easy sell. With all the recent talk of R32’s benefits, the environmentally conscious business owner who’s lacking space will be a perfect fit for this range.

According to Panasonic, the inclusion of their smart control management system in the new range will help the end user monitor and control energy usage which isn’t possible with some of the less advanced aircons that are flooding the Aussie market. This is win-win for the business as a whole as it’s a direct translation to dollars saved where it really counts.

The Indoor Unit

The indoor unit comes in either High Static Pressure Ducted, mid static pressure ducted, 4-Way Cassette or wall mounted with the HSPD being capable of producing a massive 1000L/s of airflow.

But that’s not all folks, Panasonic was clearly wearing their thinking caps during R&D because with a 290mm cut to the height and a built-in drain pump, it’s ideal for low ceilings or hard-to-access places. And on top of all of that, just make the installation a little more flexible for the contractor, the new units have a Static Pressure of 150Pa.

The new R32 capable range also includes Smart Connectivity to allow the unit to run standalone, or to be easily connected to an existing building management system. The units can also be managed from just about any mobile device by using AC Smart Cloud, allowing management of multiple units from a centralised location with ease to further reduce operational costs and cut the chances of breakdowns or equipment failure.

The Bottom Line

Panasonic appears to be taking the move to R32 refrigerant pretty seriously, rolling out a number of new features with this range while still managing to shrink the size of the outdoor unit and decrease running costs. Only time will tell if this new range will live up to the hype.

Video: Panasonic’s new R32 capable range


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