Adani’s renewed groundwater management plans have been submitted this week, seeking federal and state government approval. The renewed plans, allegedly based on six years of “scientific study” detail proposed water consumption at the new Carmichael megamine drawn from the Great Artesian Basin.

Lucas Dow, Chief Executive of the new Megamine said:

“Previous media reports and activist statements have incorrectly quoted how much water the Carmichael Project will take from the Great Artesian Basin. The quoted 12 gigalitres will not come from the Great Artesian Basin”

“This dam water can only be harvested when the river system is in flood and other licensed water users, like farmers, have first taken their allocation. Furthermore, like other industrial water users, we have to pay for this water.” Mr. Dow said.

Mr Dow continued to tell reporters:

“Some seepage from the GAB is anticipated. This is predicted to peak at maximum of 730 megalitres in in the later years of mine life if the mine was at full production or 60 million tonnes per annum. Phase one for the mine will operate at less than half that – 27.5 million tonnes per annum.”

Adani’s groundwater management plans & the data used to product them have already faced fierce criticism from environmental groups, even though the CEO has on several occasions mentioned that Adani has no license to take or use extra GAB ground water.

One major condition of the Megamine project is that Adani provide a ground water offset of 730 megalitres a year for five years when excavation of the site begins.




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